Centenary of almost four centuries, the Venerable Third Order of Saint Francis of Porto has in recent times encountered different practices and solutions in order to be updated in the light of the modern challenges demanded by the specific nature of its areas of activity. The times in which we live require firmness and determination in the administration of houses with the plurality of purposes, spaces and activities such as those developed by VOTSFP. New times demand new knowledge, with diversified models of action, but maintaining the sense of closeness and humanism in solving the questions that an increasingly bulky daily life determines.

With the professionalism of our employees and collaborators, we give substance to these challenges that society throws at us, tired of the mercantilism with which certain realities are treated in institutions, companies and in our own day-to-day life. And all this with the promptness demanded of an institution that faces an updated way of its functions, modernizing the premises, betting on the renovation of spaces, facing the management in a professional way, although nuanced by values that incorporate the inheritance of the example of St. Francis of Assisi and the inspiring experiences of Queen St. Elizabeth.

The strand of lay religious institution continues to be the matrix that governs our way of facing all these challenges, whether in the ambit of the Hospital, Margarida Lisboa and Rainha Santa Isabel Senior Housing, the Museum or the Private Cemitery, located in Agramonte . We open ourselves to the city of Porto, creating prizes that reward individual efforts, organizing conferences or music cycles, valuing the multisecular heritage-historical legacy received, through investment in its conservation, in an effective projection with nationals and foreigners who in increasing numbers they visit us.

The Administrative Board of the Venerable Third Order of Saint Francis of Porto faces the future with great hope and determination to implement new projects, with a dynamic adequate to a demanding and responsible way of facing the challenges, in a balance between tradition and modernity, factors which we consider essential for the governance and projection of an Institution such as ours.

Gonçalo de Vasconcelos e Sousa

Prof. Doutor Gonçalo de Vasconcelos e Sousa

Social Organs

General Assembly Board


João Maria Teixeira Leão

Vice President

Pedro Brandão Botelho Gomes

First Secretary

Pedro Manuel Almeida e Sousa

Second Secretary

Nuno Solla de Lacerda


Administrative Board


Gonçalo de Vasconcelos e Sousa

Vice Purveyor

Carlos de Almeida Santos


Filipe Ortigão de Oliveira Soares Vieira

João Filipe Barbosa Coelho de Pinho

João Paulo Cabral de Faria Lencastre

Miguel Martins Pinto de Resende

Pedro Luís Leão Vieira de Castro


Domingos Moreira da Rocha

Joaquim Pinto de Matos Dias

Frederico Sousa da Silva



Disciplinary and Conciliation Council

Luís Garcia Braga da Cruz

Manuel Ferreira de Castro Miranda

Miguel Lançós de Sottomayor


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The team


General Director

Luis Cherpe

Clinical Director 

Horácio Monteiro da Costa

Nursing Director 

Dário Miranda

Training, Development and Innovation Director

Sandra Mouta

Organization and Quality Director 

Luísa Ferreira

Diretora Administrativa e Financeira

Cláudia Moreira Camões

Subcontracts Management Department 

Maria Júlia Ribeiro

Billing Department 

Bruno Moreira

Commercial Department 

Maria Laura Mendonça

Accounting Department 

Paulo Azevedo

IT and Maintenance Department 

Eduardo Sousa

Communications Department

Francisca Correia Ramos

Pharmaceutical Services Department

Marta Martins

Church and Museum  

Analdina Rocha

Senior Housing

Márcia Almeida Timóteo

Venerable Third Order of Saint Francis of Porto


Founded in 1633, the Venerable Third Order of Saint Francis of Porto (VTOSFP) is a non-profit Catholic Institution that has assumed, throughout its history, a fundamental role in the religious and health scenario in the city of Porto. Today, thanks to the work and contribution of generations of Siblings, the Order is able to offer medical care in their Hospital and in their external clinics, to offer senior reception in its Nursing Homes, to provide food to needy citizens and to mantain a very valuable cultural heritage and places of worship at the service of all.

The hospital, inaugurated in 1783, is a reference in the provision of health care and has, from the beginning, been prized for the quality of medical and surgical facilities, combining experience with innovation and a personalized and attentive treatment to all its patients.

VTOSFP also acts in the dissemination of the work of Saint Francis of Assissi, of great impact in the city of Porto.

The Convent Church is a UNESCO World The Saint Francis Museum, open all year round for visits, includes the Monument Church, the House of the Order and the Catacumbal Cemetery.

The Convent Church is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and was handed over to the Order in 1839 after the extinction of the Saint Francis Convent. The Order has been the guardian of this unique heritage for nearly 200 years.


In the Venerable Third Order of Saint Francis of Porto we guide our conduct with a high sense of responsibility and respect for human dignity.

In the medical services we provide, our main goal is to respond to the needs of the community, ensuring a quality and personalized service, in which the respect for each patient is the priority.

We rely on technological innovation for the effectiveness of diagnosis and therapy and on cultural progress for a stable civilizational development.

Our key values ​​are Humanity, through the respect for human rights and the well-being of each individual, stimulating the confidence and security in the quality of the services provided; Culture, through the constant diffusion of knowledge, art and history; and Social Responsibility, through the contribution to the full exercise of citizenship, strengthening the conscious development of society.