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São Bento stop - Line D (yellow)

A (blue, Lord of Matosinhos-Dragon Stadium), B (red; Póvoa de Varzim-Dragon Stadium), C (green; ISMAI-Campanhã), E (purple; ; Senhora da Hora-Fânzeres) - Exit at Trindade stop, change to line D (yellow) to Santo Ovídeo, and get off at São Bento stop.



500 – Praça da Liberdade – Matosinhos (Mercado); Mouzinho da Silveira stop

900 – Santo Ovídio – Trindade; Mouzinho da Silveira stop

901 – Valadares – Trindade; Mouzinho da Silveira stop

906 – Madalena – Trindade; Mouzinho da Silveira stop

ZM – Bom Sucesso – Cordoaria; Mouzinho da Silveira stop

ZR – Campanhã – Alfândega; Ribeira stop

Elétrico 1 – Infante – Passeio Alegre; Infante stop

Note: All the indicated buses also provide trips in the opposite direction


There is a taxi stop on Rua Infante D. Henrique, near the Order of Saint Francis. If you are traveling by taxi to our hospital, please indicate to the driver the address Rua da Bolsa, 80. In case you need a taxi to get away from the hospital, you can ask for help in our concierge.


Access via Freixo Bridge

Follow the A20, Circunvalação Road and Av. Gustavo Eiffel to Mouzinho da Silveira road in Porto; follow north on A20; exit to Circunvalação Road / N12 toward N108 / Freixo / Entre-os-Rios; at the roundabout, take the 2nd exit to Circunvalação road / N108; at the roundabout, take the 1st exit to Av. de Paiva Couceiro; continue until Gustavo Eiffel avenue; continue until Infante D. Henrique road; continue on Mouzinho da Silveira road. Follow Ferreira Borges road and turn right onto Bolsa road.

Access via Arrábida Bridge

Go north on the A1, exit towards Campo Alegre. Take a slight left towards the Panoramic Route Edgar Cardoso, continue until Campo Alegre road and Galiza Square. Turn right towards Júlio Dinis road, continue until Dom Manuel II road. At Dom Manuel II road turn right onto Alberto Aires de Gouveia Road, then turn left towards Restauração road and then turn right towards Azevedo de Albuquerque road. Continue on Passeio das Virtudes, follow Belomonte road and Ferreira Borges road to Bolsa road.

Access via Luís I Bridge

Head north on Ponte Luís I toward Gustavo Eiffel avenue; turn left towards Gustavo Eiffel avenue; continue until Infante D. Henrique road; turn right towards Mouzinho da Silveira road; turn left towards Largo São Domingos; turn left towards Ferreira Borges road; turn right towards Bolsa road.